In 2000 to enter the Jiangsu Market

2010-01-01 15:50:02 admin 5

In 2000March, Ampang traffic signal lamp in Suzhou winning the bid of the project.

In 2000May, Ampang traffic signal lamp sold to the Yang Zhong area.

In 2000May, Ampang traffic lights in Wuxi Zhongshan Road winning the bid of the project.

In 2000August, Ampang traffic signal lamp in Taizhou winning the bid of the project.

In 2000September, Ampang traffic signal lamp in Lianyungang projects bid.

In 2000September, Ampang traffic signal lamp in Kunshan winning the bid of the project.

I have been in the company's products include Yangzhou, Changshu, Changzhou, Gaoyou, Zhangjiagang and other province over the city to install and use, and each year to maintain a certain amount of market share.