Shanghai new energy lighting exhibition

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  In April 25, 2012, the company was invited to visit Shanghai new energy lighting exhibition. 

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Reportedly, the current LED industry in China has developed from the epitaxial growth, chip manufacturing, packaging, testing, application, the standard is a complete industrial chain, the products are widely used in landscape lighting, general lighting in areas such as the back light source and. As of the end of 2010, China's LED industry market size more than 100000000000 yuan, according to the" Twelfth Five-Year Plan", to 2015 our country LED industry will reach500000000000 Yuan, tremendous business chance highlights.

    2011 is our country" Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of a bureau year, the recent related administrative department of government continued to increase the LED industry to give aid to strength, and enhance the development goals. It is reported," Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the LED industry will be focused on improving LED chip light emitting efficiency, strengthen the white LED patent layout and accelerate the formulation of LED lighting standard.

    According to the" Twelfth Five-Year Plan", to 2015 our country white LED light emitting efficiency will reach the international advanced level in the same period, into the 30% general lighting market, replace imported 70% highlight chip, to achieve MOCVD core equipment and its key supporting material homebred change; around the back light source, such as automotive lighting major strategy product, aggrandizement technology integration, implementation a massive demonstration application, industrial dimensions to achieve 500000000000 Yuan,500000 new jobs; implementation of electricity140000000000 degrees, annual savings of 49000000 tons of standard coal, reduce CO2, SO2, NOx, dust emissions by 1.4tons.

    In recent years, with the continuous development of LED technology, China LED lighting market mature application fields is increasing, main show is in landscape architecture, LED street lamp, large screen display, traffic lights, digital home appliances and lights, car lights, special lighting, mobile phone, digital camera, computer, TV medium and small size backlight and other fields. The landscape architecture still for our country the biggest LED applications; LED display and appliance display has a 27% market share, become a domestic LED second application fields of mobile phone, notebook computer; small and medium size backlight source accounted for 22% market share, become the third big applications. Others such as traffic lights, car lights, special lighting and other various types of applications, market share steadily increased.

    From the Ministry of information industry and information also confirmed that the LED investment is a rapid development momentum. This year"1 - February electronic information industry investment in fixed assets" show, due to a number of domestic high generation LCD panel production line construction began, the LED industry investment impetus is swift and violent, drive entire industry investment of up to 16.6%. From this data it is not difficult to see that, as China's LED industry attention, as well as the industry standard has gradually improved, the 2011 LED industry will enter a stage of rapid development, China's market has attracted many well-known LED vendors pretenders. The rapid development of LED technology, rapid birth and cultivating a large number of enterprises, China's LED industry development has played a huge role in promoting. According to incomplete statistics, there have been14 provinces, city, the explicit construction of semiconductor lighting industrial park, the LED industry as the area of the new industry to develop.