My company production of airport navaid lighting products by the civil aviation authority authorized

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By March 7th, the airport Department of CAAC Commission, civil aviation professional engineering quality supervision station in our company organized the airfield lighting product validation. The conference established a committee, authorized committee listened to my company on the development of the taxiway centerline lights, runway centerline lights, runway edge lights and guiding signs and other aids to navigation product development working report, product technical report, test report and quality assurance capabilities introduced, reviewed the technical information and product samples, field investigation the production and testing conditions, after discussion, formed following validation opinion:

1, various types of lighting design principle is correct, reasonable structure, design performance indexes accord with the standard;

In 2, LED airfield lighting products from other LED product design and manufacturing experience, to ensure the technical performance of products;

3, producer production equipment improved, detection means complete, perfect quality management system, excellent product manufacturing conditions;

In 4, according to the National Center for quality supervision and inspection by the lamps of various models of product testing report shows that, various types of products related technical indicators in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO annex fourteen to the Convention on the roll of I" airport" and relevant standard requirement.

To sum up, authorized committee thinks, Beijing airfield lighting system science and technology limited company (i.e., the company commissioned by the processing method. ) presented at this meeting the validation of the products meet the relevant standards, to meet the civil airport navaid lighting system using requirements, agreed to by a validated.

The following is the validation will be recorded during the photo

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