In 2011the United States Anbang electrical lighting exhibition

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Show time: May 17, 2011 to May 19th, and in May15, the 16two days related activities are held, LEDinside understands, this jump over the years alternately in Las Vegas, New York organized by the Convention, especially moved to Philadelphia, the main reason is the New York Pavilion finishing, is expected in 2012 in Las Vegas time constant, but 2013 will be changed back to the New York exhibition.

    Light Fair International 2011in Philadelphia road propaganda, is LED above a street, in the old city is not much, but the manufacturer tells us, American each city has increased LED Street building trend. As the world's largest lighting one of exhibitions held in Philadelphia, this scale is Light Fair International history of one of the largest, exhibition area reached 200000square feet, a total of over 1600 booths, exhibitors nearly 500,59is the first time to participate in the new face, and there are more than twenty thousand visitors. LEDinside observation, the exhibition is characterized as having come from the United States, mainly European manufacturers participating, and more innovative design products, Europe and the United States first-line manufacturers Philips, Osram, Cree, Beta LED, LSG pavilion design good sense, and the Japanese manufacturer still is to provide high quality and technology of LED module and related components, also have the same high quality lighting exhibition. While South Korean manufacturers this year the largest exhibitors is LG Innotek, beyond the Seoul semiconductor, Japanese manufacturers include Nichia chemical ( Nichia ) ( Toshiba ), sharp, Toshiba ( Sharp ) have great booth, Taiwan manufacturer is the largest exhibition billion light ( EverLight ). Overall, the size of the booth is big, do not have a certain scale of pitch relative to find price, trading guests less. LEDinside also found that, because the manufacturers and customers, to the quality of products have considerable requirements, lower grades of lamps or light source products, also difficult in so many strong competitors left lower talent showing itself. LEDinside BeLight magazine in the exhibition also has to send.

    LEDinside found, most manufacturer thinks to trade this year buy than the previous two more warm, display the construction market, public space lighting market has obvious recovery, and household lighting market, pace has been slowly opened2011, the bulb is good quality, manufacturers into the market is also very confident. The United States Department of energy ( DOE ) is responsible for the energy star only eucalyptus, and LED measurement, lighting standard personnel also have exclusive booth for lighting manufacturers to dispel doubts, assembly is also provided considerable support and services to exhibitors, the exhibition is the very texture.

    LFI Innovation Awards awards in the first day of the exhibition in the morning to award last year's important product and design firm, is the focus of this exhibition, winning are high quality or have a good product design concept. This exhibition in building lighting integration has very many exhibits, LEDinside saw a lot of manufacturers with a number of lighting energy saving control concept, introduced with household smart grid, or wireless networks, power line LED control system, generally lower than in previous years the control system is more mature, distance of big business mass-production scale is not far away. There are many manufacturers in the stall using Apple's iPad or iPad2 tablet computer for guests to explain most of the reaction product, the effect is also good, there are also manufacturers use the new Android 3 flat computer of interpretation, and even control a light source. This year's activities in the city center of the Franklin Institute holding cost.

    Our company took part in the exhibition (132 for my company booth ), below is the photo exhibition: