Anbang website system comprehensive revision

2010-01-01 14:13:59 admin 10

In January 1, 2010, the company site new revision, welcome to the new and old customers to visit our website, thank you for the concern of our company, we will be the latest products, the latest information to the fastest speed display for everyone, thank you again.

Company profile part of more comprehensive content, from many aspects show the image of our company.

Market dynamic part to show our domestic and foreign market distribution, and some of the more classic works to show everyone.

News center section increases the market performance, new product releases, will update the market dynamics and the company's new product updates.

Recruitment will timely release of our company's recruitment information, welcome all talents to join.

Download center portion will be some product information, product video release, more convenient for customers to download view, the understanding of our products.

Message center for visitors to our product advice or suggestions, we will first give you the answer.

Contact us section lists the relevant company contact way and address location, convenient for us to get in touch with us and to negotiate secretary.